Module 1 TRE Workshop

IN-PERSON EVENT: TRE Module One Workshop

Open to the general public, Module 1 is focused on learning TRE for personal use.

Module One will introduce you to Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) and focus on developing or enhancing your personal TRE® practice. You will learn about how stress, tension and trauma impact the body and how to use TRE® as a self-help tool to reduce these impacts in your life. We will explore the physiology and neurology of stress, natural human defence responses, the anatomy of TRE® and the Polyvagal Theory as it relates the TRE® process. 

With a focus on self-regulation, Module 1 is your opportunity to learn more about TRE and explore how to integrate TRE® into your own wellness practice in a safe and supported learning environment.

If you are planning to become a Certified TRE Provider, attending all three days of Module 1 is one of the requirements before enrolling in the provider certification program.

Module One Workshop: In-Person

Venue: Campbell River Community Centre

401 11th Ave Campbell River. 

April 26: 2PM to 5PM PST

April 27: 9AM to 3PM PST

April 28: 9AM to 3PM PST

Price: $500 CAD

Applicable taxes included.

Avoid disappointment! Register now - capacity is limited. Ticket sales end April 25, 2024.

To become a certified TRE Provider, you will be invited to register in the Provider Certification Program following Module 1. There are two Module’s following Module 1 on the road to completing your certification. Module 2 will focus on working with one individuals and TRE. Module 3 will focus on leading and teaching groups. Both Module 2 and 3 are required for Certification. One Module is required  to be completed in person in order for providers to learn skills in person they would not otherwise have the opportunity to practice and experience in the virtual format. 

The companion Module 2 for this workshop will be held in person September 13, 14, 15 2024 - in British Columbia, exact location TBD.  

The companion Module 3 will be held online January 24, 25, 26 2025. 

Module 1 completion is required in order to register for Module 2 and 3. If interested in becoming a Certified TRE provider, the companion Certification Modules 2 and 3 are $500 CAD each. You must be enrolled as a TRE trainee to join us for Modules 2 and 3. 

Payments are due in full at the time of registration. Spaces will not be held with partial payments as our systems do not currently accept payment plans. Your space is reserved by your full payment at the time of registration.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellation if completed prior to the scheduled event you’re attending:

More than 45 days: You will receive a refund less an administration fee of $50.

30-45 days: 75% of the paid fee will be refunded

15-30 days: 50% of the paid fee will be refunded

0-15 days: Sorry, no refund :(

If you need to cancel your participation in this event, the cost of any services already received will be deducted from any refunds issued.


Meet your Instructor.

Sarah Ronhovde, Physiotherapist, Advanced TRE Provider, TRE Certification Trainer

Sarah Ronhovde is a registered Physiotherapist and Advanced TRE provider, living and working out of Campbell River, British Columbia. Sarah completed her Bachelors of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph and her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia. 

Completing her TRE Trainer Certification through TRE Canada with Joan McDonald, Sarah continues to be fascinated by the restorative nature of the tremor mechanism. Through daily utilization of TRE fundamentals in her life and physiotherapy practice, she has seen the benefits first hand - in her own experience and in the wellbeing of her clients. Sarah is passionate about the many benefits TRE has to offer, and is excited to guide you on your TRE journey!

When not working and teaching, Sarah can be found writing, running the trails near her home, practicing the piano, cooking wholesome meals, enjoying quality time with loved ones, and discovering new dimensions of nervous system regulation from the best teachers she has had thus far… her 5 year old daughter and her one year old son!